martes, 5 de abril de 2011

Second Prize. Contest #swpc4

The photographer Shazer Samad,, Instagram regular user with nick @maldives, convenes a weekly competition, under a specific topic. He tags them #swpc

For the third contest, #swpc3, the theme was "REFLECTION". I submitted a photo, and had luck.

For the latter, #swpc4, themed "Perspective", I presented an image on the Gran Vía of Madrid, which, in addition to seeking the perspective, also tryed to make a perfect diagonal within the square format of IG photos. The photo was in black and white. Well, this photo has been awarded with the second prize in this contest.

Of course, these competitions are not only symbolic, there is no prize, no celebration or anything. In this case, I was very excited because there were 177 images of high quality, and the jury, the very Shazer Samad, so I guess this award is of some merit.

I post here the announcement of the award, and the awarded photography.

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