jueves, 31 de enero de 2013

Madrid Río. Hipstamatic. December 2012

Pics shot the same day as the previoues post, in Madrid Río, but only with Hipstamatic (Jhon S + BlacKeys SuperGrain).

Fotos hechas el mismo día que en el post anterior, en Madrid Río, pero sólo con Hipstamatic (John S + BlacKeys SuperGrain).

miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013

Madrid Río. December 2012

Pictures shot together with my friends and awesome mobile photographers @olgavimo & @jordi_galera, when they came to Madrid to visit me. We are all in love with Perrault´s bridge in Madrid Río, from inside and from outside of it. It´s an endless source of great photos.

Fotos hechas junto a mis amigos, e increíbles fotógrafos móviles, @olgavimo y @jordi_galera, cuando vinieron a Madrid a verme. Todos estamos enamorados del Puente de Perrault, en Madrid Río, desde dentro de él, o desde fuera. Es una inagotable fuente de grandes fotos.

martes, 29 de enero de 2013

Lights & Shadows in Reina Sofia Museum´s atrium. December 2012

Pictures of the atrium in Reina Sofia Museum, shot whith my friends @olgavimo, @jordigalera & @joselin74 when the first two ones came to Madrid to visit Joselín and myself. 

This is a wonderful vertical space, composed of ancient and modern arquitecture, living together in harmony, where LIGHT is the main character. I´m not posting the square format pics uploaded to IG, but the original and vertical pics, which are much more convinient this time.

I take advantage of this post to intoduce for the first time the hashtag #joselines, in memory, honor and justice of Joselín, @joselin74, an amazing mobile photographer.

lunes, 28 de enero de 2013

Two Honorable Mentions in the World Mobile Photography Awards 2012.

Last Saturday 26/02/2013 I went to bed really happy. That day I found out that I had gotten two Honorable Mentions in the World Mobile Photography Awards, probably the most important awards dedicated to mobile photography in the world. 

One photo was included in the categoty of "Architecture/Design", the reflection on a puddle of the Royal Academy of History, Madrid, just in front of my home. This photo had already been chosen as Editor´s selection in 500px. It is a very especial photo to me!

The other one was included in the category of "Performing Arts", and it is the picture of the street musicians playing music in front of El Corte Ingles´s showcase. This photo wass the one most sold during my last exhibition "URBAN SCENES" and it brings me good luck, because I was awarded with a four days trip to Scotland thanks to it!

My two potos will be exhibited in the Soho Gallery for Digital Arts, in New York, during February 22th to 28th. What a great news!!

I would like to congratulate all winners and mentions in the different categories, and especially my dear collegue Jose Luis, @joseluisbarcia , who has been also awarded with two Honorable Mentions. I would like to thank Mobile Photography Awards for these Mentions. Let´s make mobile photography a well known Art throughout the world!!

viernes, 25 de enero de 2013

Vídeo del taller "Arquitectura en la fotografía móvil". CICUS, Sevilla

Os presento aquí el vídeo de la conferencia que impartí dentro del taller: "Arquitectura en la fotografía móvil" del pasado 18/01/2013 en el CICUS, Sevilla. El vídeo es casero, parte fue grabado con mi cámara de video doméstica, y parte con la Samsung Galaxy Camera, por lo que luego he tenido que editarlos: convirtiéndolos a avi,unirlos en un solo vídeo y subirlo a YouTube, procedimiento totalmente nuevo para mí.

Desgraciadamente no se grabó la demostración en vivo del uso de FrontView, porque coincidió con el final de una de las grabaciones. Por otro lado, me disculpo porque el audio es pésimo, sobre todo las partes grabadas con la cámara Samsung, que estaba muy lejos de mí, por lo que apenas le llega mi voz. Os recomiendo el uso de auriculares.

jueves, 24 de enero de 2013

Urban life in Ayamonte / Vida urbana en Ayamonte. Hipstamatic. December 2012

Pics shot on a sunny morning during the holidays spent in Ayamonte with my family, last Christmas. All the pics have been shot with Histamatic (Lens: Jane + Rollfilm: BlacKeys SuperGrain), except for the last one (Lens: Jane + Rollfim: BlacKeys B+W).

Fotos hechas una mañana soleada durante las vacaciones que pasé en Ayamonte cpn mi familia, las pasadas Navidades. Todas las fotos fueron tomadas con Hipstamatic (Lete: Jane + Carrete: BlacKeys SuperGrain), excepto la última (Lente: Jane + Carrete: BlacKeys B+W).

miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013

One of my pics in Book Style´s guide about Madrid / Una de mis fotos en las guías de Book Style

Book Style, the free guide about Madrid and Barcelona, distributed in the rooms of every hotel of 4 and 5 stars in Madrid, asked me last November if they could use one of my pics for the article about Malasaña that was going to be published in the guide Madrid 2013. After making clear that they would give me all credits, but that they were not going to pay for it, I decided to allow them the use of the picture, provided that I would have one of my pics in 25.000 hotel rooms.

The picture is a square format pic, with a diagonal reflection of San Vicente Ferrer street, where I lived for 4 years. Unfortunately, they have cropped the pic and the diagonal is not clearly understood. I post here the original photo.

martes, 22 de enero de 2013

Interviewed by Marie Claire / Entrevistado por Marie Claire

During my last exhibition "URBAN SCENES", I was contacted by Paula Aránzazu Ruiz, @paulaarantzazu on IG, journalist collaborator for Marie Claire magazine, saying she was doing to write an article about IG for the February issue of the magazine, and wanted to interview me.

We met at La Piola, where I was having my exhibition, and we had a very pleasant conversation. She told me she had been present during my speech at The App Fest, and had asked for my email to the organization. She also said that the article was about the story of different IGers, each one with a profile, a story and a very different gallery. The following IGers are also featured in the article: @misshedwig, @fermainguyague, @marcventosa and @suemissindie. Nice to share story with you guys!

lunes, 21 de enero de 2013

Taller: "Arquitectura en la fotografía móvil". CICUS, Sevilla

Como ya escribí en un post anterior, fui invitado por mis colegas @sevillacreativa y @colcherovazquez a impartir un taller sobre "Arquitectura en la fotografía móvil" en el CICUS de Sevilla, los pasados viernes 18 y sábado 19 de enero. 

El taller se inició con una presentación por parte de José de todo el proyecto, consistente en 4 talleres, el porqué del auge de la fotografía móvil en la actualidad, para pasar a hablar de varios casos de usuarios de IG y EyeEm con galerías interesantes sobre arquitectura

jueves, 17 de enero de 2013

Invited to lead a workshop / Invitado a impartir un taller. CICUS, Sevilla

I have been invited by my colleagues Jose Martos, @sevillacreativa and Manuel Colchero@colcherovazquez  to tomorrow Friday & Saturday a workshop entitled: "Architecture in mobile photography"at CICUS, Sevilla.

On Friday I will speak about Perspective, correction on parallel lines (FrontView), control of exposure, and control of light and shadow (Rays). On Saturday we'll go for a photowalk around Sevilla and practise what we learnt the previous day. EIn forthcoming posts, I will tell you my experience about it, as well as adding the PDF with which I will illustrate the workshop and the video about it.Thank you guys for inviting me! 

miércoles, 16 de enero de 2013

Gran Vía & Plaza Callao from above. December 2012

Pictures shot from the ninth floor of the mall "El Corte Inglés", from where one can enjoy a wonderful view of one on the most important boulevards in the world, the Gran Vía. I had to use the app Fron View to correct the strong unparallel verticla lines.

Fotos hechas desde la novena planta de El Corte Inglés, desde dond euno disfruta de unas maravillosas vistas sobre una de las vías más importantes del mundo, la Gran Vía. Tuve que usar Front View para corregir la acusada fuga de las líneas verticales.

martes, 15 de enero de 2013

The big green eye / El gran ojo verde. December 2012

This series is the result of a some pictures shot in a few minutes in the outer space between buildings on the stunning Medialab, space in the heart of Barrio de Las Letras, a Saturday morning, after a night almost blank, while the Christmas flea market of Decoracción took place.

What caught my attention right away was that kind of green giant eye, which was only the futuristic structure which houses the staircase that connects the two buildings. At the same time, I was fortunate that a little girl was playing idly with her ​​cart. The combination of both factors fascinated me, and this is the result.

sábado, 12 de enero de 2013

Urban spaces / Espacios urbanos. Ayamonte. December 2012

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viernes, 11 de enero de 2013

Samsung. Week 8. Mode: Freeze Action

The eighth and last week of the campaign "Life´s a photo, take it", by Samsung, has just ended up. We had to shoot this week pictures with the Freeza Action mode of the new Samsung Galaxy Camera.

The pictures submitted this week have been shot in two different places in Madrid. The fist one, in Plaza de Callao, where the kids can skate on ice on a frozen platform set during Christmas holidays. The other place is Buen Retiro Park, Madrid´s beautiful green lung, full of people jogging, skating and cycling.

Here are the pictures uploaded to IG, as well as those sent to Samsung. Madrid needs everyone´s help, in order to win the contest among cities. To help us, please share Madrid´s pictures by visiting the site created by Samsung in Tumblr.

miércoles, 9 de enero de 2013

Urban spaces / Espacios urbanos. Sevilla. December 2012

This year I´ve travelled to Sevilla for Christmas Eve. This has allowed me stay a few days in this city, to me one of the most beautiful cities in the world, living the Christmas atmosphere normal at this time of the year. I´ve taken advantage of this to shoot quite a lot of pics which I now present to you.

Este año he pasado la Noche Buena en Sevilla. Eso me ha permitido pasar unos días en este ciudad, para mí una de las más bonitas del mundo, rodeado del ambiente navideño tan propio de estas fechas, lo que he aprovechado para hacer bastantes fotos, que aquí os presento.

martes, 8 de enero de 2013

Poetry in Ayamonte / Poesía en Ayamonte. December 2012

On this ocation, I present here two photoghraphs very far from my own style. They represent two different moments captured during the small holidays spent in Ayamonte.

The first one is a very fast catch of a seagull flying which I entitled "Fly" and that I dedicated to my IG & EyeEm friend Pilar, @piluchi555, just because she´s always so nice and because she had been recently upsent by something occurred on IG, when the responsible of @movilgrafias accused her of cheating on the challenge about the Best Photo 2012, organized by this web, which was absolutely false... 

I couldn´t help shooting the second pic when I saw that chair thrown to the river wich accompanies the entry to the town, and that I entitled on IG as: "Abandoned. The story of what it could have been, but never was..." Something different, for a change ;-)

viernes, 4 de enero de 2013

Samsung. Week 7. Mode: Light Trace

The seventh week of the campaign "Life´s a photo, take it", by Samsung, has just ended up. We had to shoot this week pictures with the Light Trace mode of the new Samsung Galaxy Camera.

Taking advantage of the tripode recieved as a Santa Claus´s gift ;)), I´ve gone out several nights to photograph the streets of Madrid, always with some of its most emblematic buildings and monuments on the background: the Puerta de Alcalá, the Almudena cathedral, the Royal Palace and Gran Vía street. It wasn´t easy. Being as it is an automatic mode, sometimes too much light appeared on the pics, and they were not nice. Some other times, they were beautiful. In any case, doing some light editing afterwards with Snapseed, the final result, in my opinion, is more than good.

Here are the pictures uploaded to IG, as well as those sent to Samsung. Madrid needs everyone´s help, in order to win the contest among cities. To help us, please share Madrid´s pictures by visiting to site created by Samsung in Tumblr.

jueves, 3 de enero de 2013

Villages of Arquitectura Negra, Guadalajara. November 2012

This post completes the one writen last month about the beautiful day that my family and I passed visiting the villages of the so called "Black Architecture", Mataelrayo and Campillo de Ranas.

Este post completa el que escribí el mes pasado sobre el bonita día que pasé con mi familia visitando los pueblos de la llamada "Arquitectura Negra", Mataelrayo y Campillo de Ranas.

miércoles, 2 de enero de 2013

Videos of my blogtrip around Arousa Norte

Videos of my blogtrip around Arousa Norte. What a great time we had, and what a wonderful experience to me. Thank you again, Arousa Norte, for giving me the opportunity of knowing your beautiful land! And again, hugs and kisses to the great companions that I met on this trip!

Los vídeos del blogtrip alrededor de Arousa Norte. Qué bien lo pasamos, y qué maravillosa experiencia para mí!! De nuevo, muchas gracias, Arousa Norte, por darme la oportunidad de conocer vustrea maravillosa tierra! Y de nuevo, besos y abrazos a los grandes compañeros que conocí en este viaje!