martes, 5 de enero de 2016

¡ Feliz Noche de Reyes !

Tonight is going to be a especial and magical night fpr adults and especially for children. Every home in Spain recieves today the visit of the Three Wise Kings, who bring presents to everyone, especially to the children. They must go early to bed and they will probably wake up at dawn, nervous and excited to see and enjoy the presents brought by the Kings.

I wish everyone a wonderful night full of magic and illusions, above all to those kids in hospital ot in such conditions that prevent them from enjoying the most beautiful night of the year.

Os deseo a todos una maravillosa noche llena de magia e ilusiones, especialmente a los niños que estén hospitalizados, o en tales condiciones que no puedan disfrutar de la noche más bonita del año.