jueves, 28 de febrero de 2013

My experience at I.E.S. Conde Lucanor, Peñafiel, Valladolid

I went yesterday to I.E.S. Conde Lucanor to asist to the opening of my third individual exhibition "THE CITY REFLECTED", and then to impart a workshop entitled: "REDESCOVERING THE CITY" to the students. 

I must say it was an incredible experience to me. I had never been in front of so many studentes and they seemed to be interested on what I was saying!! I was a little nervous at first, but I soon controlled my nerves and spoke with energy about what I nowadays love so much: mobile photography in general, and reflections in particular.

We went then to the conference room where I showed and explained to the students a presentation I had prepared about Reflections on different surfaces, and watched a video about "My world of dreams". After that, we went on a photowalk, shooting pictures of reflections on puddles. I must admit I was very surprised at the attention and interest of the students about the exhibition, topic chosen and workshop. 

I would like to thank the school, its director Manuel Ezía for inviting me to exhibit my work and giving me the chance to explain what I like so much. I would also like to thank Edu Marcos for coming to Peñafiel and meeting me once more, and a new photographer to me, Javier Asenjo, with whom I chatted very friendly and gave me, as a present, a bottle of the excellent wine he produces. Thank you everyone! Here are pictures of the event, shot by Mafe, Edu, Manuel and Javier Magdaleno.

domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

"LA CIUDAD REFLEJADA" My third individual exhibition

Next Wednesday February 27th will take place the opening of my third individual exhibition "THE CITY REFLECTED", invited by Manuel Ezía, the director of I.E.S. Conde Lucanor, in Peñafiel, Valladolid. Manuel and I follow each other on IG, and he has always showed his admiration for my reflection pics. In October he wrote to me asking me if I would be willing to exhibit my work at the school his runs and asking me if I would like to be at the opening and to talk to the students about my work. I said I would exhibit and go with great pleasure. 

The exhibition will consist of 20 photos: 10 reflections on puddles, and 10 urban scenes reflected on puddles and turned upside down, what I love to call "The world upside down, my world of dreams...".

The opening is finally going to take place next Wednesday (the day changed after I had the poster printed). Just a few weeks ago, he proposed to me to impart a workshop to the studentes after the opening. I found his proposal very attractive and decided to entitle it: "REDISCOVERING THE CITY", inserted in a project called "THOUGHTS ABOUT ARCHITECTURE AND TERRITORY".

I want to thank  warmly Manuel for his invitation. I´m really looking forward to next Wendnesday, it´s going to be a new experience to me.

sábado, 23 de febrero de 2013

Gran Vía & Plaza Callao at night from above. January 2013

This post is directly connected to the previous post about Gran Via from above . This time the pics have been shot at night, although the views are the same. I´m still amazed at the capacity of the iPhone 4S to shoot pictures at night. Vertical lines have been corrected with FrontView.

Este post está directamente relacionado con el post anterior sobre la Gran vía desde arriba. Esta vez las fotos han sido hechas por la noche, manteniendo las mismas vistas. Me sigue sorprendiendo la capacidad del iPhone 4S para hacer fotos nocturnas. Las líneas verticales han sido corregidas con FrontView.

viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013

Featured on Mirror Magazine, number 20

Last Monday I recieved an email written by Diego Rando, artistic director of Mirror Magazine, a professional photography digital magazine that is being classed as the most professional in Spanish. He told me they were creating a new section with the best photographers in Instagram, and they wanted me to be the first to be featured. They wanted my portfolio (of Instagram) to appear in the magazine, with a selection of my 12 best photos, and a text speaking about me, my photography, and my projects. I sent him everything he asked the same day, although I just forgot to say that all my pics are shot and edited with my iPhone, but that you all know very well ;-)

The magazine was published online yesterday. I leave here the PDF with my article. I must say it was not my idea the size of the pics in the magazine, nor the black frame around the photos and the pavement background. But I must say the magazine is just GREAT and one may have a great magazine about photography, with more than 200 pages for just 1,99 €. My recomendation, subscribe to it. Thanks to Mirror Magazine, and thank you, Diego, for featuring me and my work on your magazine.

domingo, 17 de febrero de 2013

"A pair of shoes", a collaboration with Pumpinbox

Last Semptember I  jumped casually into Lucia Hidalgo, while looking for a cool pub to end up EyeEm´s Meetup. Lucia is the owner of Alma Café, a nicel place in Lavapiés, open all day and that I liked very much. But she was also the reponsable of a new website for women, Pumpinbox, which was going to be launched in Febraury. While chatting, I told her about my passion for iPhoneography, and invited her to the opening of my, by that time, forecoming exhibition "URBAN SCENES". She came and liked it so much, that she proposed me to do a collaboration on a article about shoes that she and her team were preparing for the launching day of Pumpinbox. I insisted that I only shoot and edit with my iPhone, but she didn´t care, she liked my work.

These pictures are the result of a four hours morning with Lucia´s three partners: Clara, Ana y Juanjo, changing shoes, skirts, socks, and looking for beautiful places where to shoot. I shot over 200 photos, these are the best. And you can see here the article on Pumpinbox.

I learnt a lot, had a great time shooting shoes and editing the photos, but the most important thing to me is that the whole Pumpinbox team liked my photos very much. I just hope this is the beginning of further collaborations!

viernes, 15 de febrero de 2013

Madrid reflected at night / Madrid reflejada por la noche. December 2012

I shot this pic with my iphone while I went one night insearch of nicht shots during the Samsung campaign. You can compare both versions and decide which photo you like best... ;)

Hice esta foto con mi iPhone la noche que salí a hacerfotos nocturnas durante la campaña de Samsung. Podeis comparar las dos versiones y decidir qué foto os gusta más... ;)

miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2013

Video Tutorial: Rays

Second video tutorial on my blog, this time about the photo editing app Rays. It is rather for beginners, because it is already very used on IG and EyeEm. Rays is a veru useful app to introduce Light through windows, branches of trees, clouds, and so on. I hope you find it useful. Thank you!

Segundo video tutorial en mi blog, esta vez sobre la app de edición Rays. Es más bien para principiantes, porque ya se usa mucho en IG y EyeEm. Rays es muy útil para introducir Luz a través de ventanas, ramas de árboles, nubes, etc. Espero que os sirva de utilidad. ¡Gracias!

miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2013

Video Tutorial: FrontView

Today I start a new page in my blog called "TUTORIALS", in which I will post from time to time video tutorials on topics related to mobile photography, or mobile photo editing, in order to be helpful to beginners, and not beginners. I start with one of the key apps for me, but that, in turn, is largely unknown to most users on IG and EyeEm: FrontView, videos both in English and in Spanish. I hope you find it helpful. Thank you!

Inauguro hoy una nueva pestaña dentro de mi blog llamada "TUTORIALS", en el que iré colgando vídeos tutoriales sobre temas relacionados con la fotografía móvil, o la edición en la fotografía móvil, con el objeto de servir de ayuda a principiantes, y no tan principiantes. Lo inicio con una de las apps fundamentales para mí, pero que, a la vez, es una gran desconocida para la mayor parte de usuarios en IG y EyeEm: FrontView, vídeos en inglés y español. Espero que os sea de gran ayuda. ¡Gracias!