martes, 5 de abril de 2011

Award Contest #IGDayV5

The founders and administrators of the web HispagramAdictos, on Facebook, @pikotilla and @torres are two nice guys with a great initiative. To keep alive the IG's Hispanic community, they organize a contest from time to time, where the main objective, and from my point of view the success of these competitions, is announcing the topic just a couple of hours before the deadline, and only IG and its filters are allowed, no additional treatment. All photos are then made at the same time, by the same device (iphone) and treated with the same application, so that everyone starts with the same opportunities.

Well, in its fifth edition, #IGDayV5, the theme was "graffiti. " It was a Saturday, I was with my family and friends, and I learned about it by accident, minutes before the deadline. In my surroundings "Barrio de las Letras ", there are some beautiful graffiti I've always wanted to photograph, but had not done so far because they did not correspond to the themes and pics I usually post on IG. This competition served as an excuse to do so. I tshot several pis, chose the best one, treted it with "Lomo-fi" filter and posted it.

@pikotilla and @torres considered that it deserved to win the contest, among the 17 photos submitted, due to its "perspective and tones. " I was very grateful to them.

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