domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

1000 pic already... and growing!

I have already reached the considerable amount of 1,000 photos posted on IG. Well, a few more, because that was two days ago. I don´t exactly remember when I started (and I am too lazy to pull back in my gallery and arrive at the first one...), but I do remember that I already posted photos at the beginning of November 2010.
I guess this means, once again, that I love and am obsessed with IG, which has become another of my daily routines. I do not remember how many photos I used to post dayly before, but I know that now I post four or five, depending on the day. There are people who post more, and others who rearly upload any.
I've created myself this routine, which I like, it doesn´t overwhelm me and allows me to be faithful to my favorite subjects, trying to post every day a photo related to each of them.
I must admit that I had not realized I had reached that number, it´s not tat important to me, really.
It´s been one of my  IGers friends who told me about it and well, as it is something special, I write this post for the record.

It is reaaly curious that
, the image number 1000 is a photo absolutely out of the "rolloluison", a look at the sky of Madrid, on a Saturday, eating a pizza at Plaza Dos de Mayo, with leafless trees that crossed their barnches in heaven. I leave you the pic here.
Thanks to all IGers, and above all, to all who read this testimonial post.

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