lunes, 4 de abril de 2011

What has IG meant to me

IG has been a discovery to me. I, like many people, had a great love for photography, nothing else. I have a good camera, and I´ve shot many photos throughout my life, especially to my family and buildings. I never had a predilection for specific items.

When I started on IG, my photos were very normal, without a specific topic. I took pictures of everything: shoes, food, coffeepot. However, little by little, as the days passed and I met new people, I developed a number of issues that have come to be a real obsession and I stick to them devoutly. Because of my family and professional life, I spend much time out on the street, walking. This, plus my real profession, I´m an architect, makes all the photos to be shot in the street, with few exceptions, focused on the topics that interest me and which are beginning to characterize me, and give me an identity among the people who follow me: the perspectives of urban spaces, the reflections on cars, buildings, windows, etc., as a distorted view of the Reality that surrounds us. And lately, due to the square format for IG photos, I´ve started to investigate the diagonal in this format, caused by lines of reflections, changes in texture, and so on.

IG has become an important part of my daily life. I'm constantly thinking about it, about the pictures I'll post, about those I have already posted, about thanking as soon as possible those people who left a nice comment on my post. And about something that is very important, that is to say, in the same way I like my photos to be seen and enjoyed, I want to check out the stream of those whom I follow, so they do not feel abandoned by me. So, as soon as I have a break, I review my "activity", which is the screen, in IG, which shows  other people´s pics.

I like to get up and say good morning to my followers, usually with a picture of my urban environment. To end the day, I say good night with another image. I post about four or five photos every day, trying that each one focuses on the topics that interest me. I try to be diverse, not to tire people with similar photos. In this way, "My daily Reflection" varies from day to day, sometimes it's about a car, others on a showcase, others on a building, sometimes on a puddle, etc. As I am very proud of the Madrid area where I live, the "Barrio de las Letras" (well known because Cervantes, Quevedo, Lope de Vega, etc lived there) and its adjacent neighborhood, Lavapiés, I introduce them to the people with photos of their streets, which also happen to be very

Whenever I walk down the street, I see possible photos. I daily shoot more pictures than I post. In fact, none of the photos I post lately has been shot at the time of posting it, but days or weeks ago. 

Shortly, I spend a lot of time daily on IG. The large number of photos posted up till now, plus the fact that people start to like my pictures (having even very flattering comments), is what prompted me to create this blog and make known my photograph work, my concerns and my interests in a more direct and easier way for others. I wish you find it interesting and that you can contribute with your comments and opinions. A pleasure to have you there. THANKS

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